“Which Job Should I Take?” The Summertime Struggle

In an effort to narrow in on a pressing and substantial topic for my first post I’ve spent days mulling over topics only to be distracted, like clockwork, by my part-time job. My mornings and afternoons are spent diligently cleaning, stocking, and performing various kitchen activities at a local nursing home. While this line of work is normally rewarded in lengthy stories involving dentures, a deepened appreciation for your elders, and a whoping $9.12 an hour I’m at a constant struggle because it falls nowhere near my career ambitions.

Sure, all the guidance councelors, career service workers, and professionals in my life would say, “All experience is good experience!” But is it? Is it worth if for me to stay at this job because of the money when I could be looking for jobs or volunteer positions relating more to my interests? I’d like to say I should just pick up a second job, do some volunteer work, what’s an extra few hours of work.

“Those extra hours of work are the hours that cut into my precious summer,” is what I would have said before taking on crushing – okay not really crushing – student debt. Every minute of my life seems to be focused on preparing to enter the job market, when do I get the time to produce personal work; to do things for me. Hold up, I remember being told at my college orientation, “Welcome to college, and welcome to the job market,” or something along those lines. If I’m in the job market why am I working in a nursing home kitchen?

I’ll admit, at this point this is more of a rant than an informational and intelectual post, but I suppose the act of deliberating with myself over this topic is thereputic in some sense, or at least, for my own sake, I hope it is.


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