“The Normal Heart”

After making it through the heart-wrenching story that is “The Normal Heart” I was left in a very limbo-like state, which I contribute not only to the film’s beauty and power, but also to a realization I had shortly after the film: people need to be shocked into HIV testing.

I’m saying people, as in the sweeping generalization “people” and this includes myself. It’s really concerning that only after watching a movie, or reading a news article that I really actively think about my own health.

HIV/AIDS advocacy has always been something I prided myself in, and yet is also something I fail to uphold to myself. Perhaps it’s late, perhaps I’m in emotional turmoil from a stirring film, and perhaps it’s time to take myself seriously.

I firmly believe that this film may have just given me the push I needed to ground my work in HIV/AIDS advocacy.


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