Profesional Portrait (1 of 1)
My name is Michael Gill and I am an aspiring photojournalist, filmmaker, and humanitarian. I currently am pursuing my BFA in Photography at Cazenovia College located in Central NY. I hope in the future to use my knowledge and abilities to serve the greater good and provide a means for important news, movements, or untold stories to be seen.
My plans currently are to continue working hard through my undergrad and gain as much experience as possible. Once I’ve got a degree under my belt I intend on either using my knowledge to serve two years in the Peace Corps or move on to Graduate school to further hone my abilities.
Aside from being invested in the visual creative world I’m also an avid musician. I currently play trombone, although I played trombone and french horn in high school. With this mixed background comes a wide interest in the arts and arts education that shows itself in some of my work.

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